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Love is one of a kind, a sacred and unwavering bond between two people. We pride ourselves on having that same belief and foundation in our client-planner relationship. Love takes shape in many different forms. Therefore we approach each wedding with that same concept in mind; create an experience unique and tailor-made just for the couple. We are here to support you in every step of the process and on your wedding day we will help to ensure that it flows as smooth as possible.  Having a wedding is an incomparable event. It’s A Love Thang recognizes how important this day will be for you and will work to make sure that your entire wedding day will be one to remember and cherish.


What can you expect when booking with It’s A Love Thang?

Creativity- Helping you with exclusive and innovative ideas that will make your wedding one of a kind.

Organization- A well organized and detail oriented planner that ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

Quality service- Providing assistance with finding quality vendors, making sure you are staying on track with budget and on wedding day acting as an extension of you to assure a peaceful, fun environment for the couple and guests.

Passion- Getting a planner that is just as passionate if not more in ensuring that every aspect of your vision for the wedding comes into fruition.

Cohesive energy- Creating a working space where vendors, planner & client can all work cohesively in order to carry out the wedding day as seamlessly as possible.



Meet your Planner


About me:

I am originally from good ole’ Augusta, Ga, the home of James Brown. My mother loves saying that :) As you may have guessed from above I am veteran. I joined at the tender age of 17 and honestly it was the best decision I could ever have made at the time. My life now revolves mostly around weddings but when I do decide to indulge in other festivities you can find me at African and Ballroom dance classes.  I looooove dancing. I trained for a couple months to go on the competitive dance show  “So You Think You Can Dance” , seriously!!  I also love “DIY” projects. Bless my boyfriend’s heart, he always seems to put his game face on for the latest and greatest DIY projects on Pinterest.



 How did I get into this business?

Thanks for asking : )  I served in the United States Navy for 8 years and the military does a wonderful job in celebrating diversity. During that time I always found myself planning, organizing and assisting with heritage month events. The moment I knew being a planner could be a reality for me was at the encore of the most hectic, well thought-out and entertaining Black History Month program the USS Abraham Lincoln has ever had. *I have been told I still hold the title to date.* This was not the defining moment; there was a period where I wanted to be a dentist and I acquired a degree in Healthcare Management. Life will take you through many ventures but I took a chance on what I felt in my heart was my calling. Now, here I am, living the dream and working with the most beautiful people; inside and out!!



Why weddings?

Because who doesn’t love, Love? I adore everything about being a wedding planner; meeting new couples, hearing the different love stories, more importantly I am given the opportunity to go on a journey with each of my beautiful couples to the aisle. The beginning of forever with the person you love is a heartwarming thing. It brings me so much joy knowing I was able to bring peace in one of the biggest moments of a couple’s life.


You’re more than welcome to ask questions about what you have read or anything else that comes to mind. I would love to speak with you all.






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